New Australian company launches to spearhead industry for medical travellers


Meditrav is a clever and innovative new Australian online service that connects medical travellers with accredited health professionals across the world.

Following a successful launch of their products across China in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, Lindy Andrews, Managing Director of Meditrav, spoke on the company’s growing success. 

“There’s a growing international demand for a choice of quality, affordable accredited health and medical services, in particular among the Chinese rapidly expanding upper and middle class. 

“Australia is considered to have one of the best and most advanced health systems in the world with internationally recognised doctors, specialists, surgeons, dentists and so on.   The Chinese are keen to travel to Australia to access and undertake treatment and services in Australia.  Meditrav has put in place the capability for this to happen.

 “This means we are creating and growing a new and exciting industry for Australia which will create jobs, support the health, tourism and travel industry and bring revenue into our local economy. 

“It’s a really exciting time, and being an Australian entrepreneur in this space is a great position to be in.”

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