If you understand “face” you’ll do well in China

Australian businesses are about to enter an era which will offer one of the greatest export opportunities of our generation. China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with over 300 million people defined as middle class. Couple this with increasing trade tensions between China and the US, and you have one of the biggest export opportunities for Australian businesses ever thought possible.

Should business leaders be multilingual?

How many languages do you speak? If you’re in the US, the UK or Australia, chances are good you only speak English – and it may be harming your success in business overseas.

In predominantly English-speaking countries, multilingualism rates are low, since English is the dominant global language. The UK and Ireland have the lowest rates of multilingualism in the EU (10 years ago, only 11.5% of British adults said they were proficient in their best-known foreign language).

Australian SMEs urged to include WeChat in social media mix

According to figures that iTWire reported, there were 889 million WeChat users in China as of August 2017. The app offers what Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Paypal and Slack together do. There are 500 million who use mobile payments.

Thomas, who runs Think Global Consulting, an organisation that facilitates business and investment partnerships between developed and emerging markets, particularly in China, claimed that WeChat now had a billion monthly active users.

Chinese Millennials Should be Key Demographic for Aussie Supplement Firms: Expert Advice

Chinese Millennials Should be Key Demographic for Aussie Supplement Firms: Expert Advice

Founded just 18 months ago, the association's primary purpose is to act as a bridge between SMEs in Australia and China, helping local SMEs (small and medium enterprises) gain entry into the Chinese market.

Speaking to NutraIngredients-Asia, founder and president David Thomas said: "We established the ACSME because we felt there was a need for more of a focus on the SME sector.

"There are quite a number of organisations that look after big MNCs, and we felt the need for a platform that allows SMEs on both sides — China and Australia — to come together to exchange news, learn from one another, and push forward opportunities."

Speed learning language program aims to help SMBs crack China market

Speed learning language program aims to help SMBs crack China market

With more businesses looking to tap into the Chinese market, entrepreneur Claire Pisani has developed a speed learning initiative to help Aussies learn to speak basic Mandarin.

Chinese Entrée, provides users with a course that allows them to quickly tap into basic Mandarin.

“It doesn’t matter what country you are looking to export to.   If you want to make a good impression on your buyers, you need to speak a few words of their language, and get an understanding of their business culture,” Pisani explained of her reasons behind launching Chinese Entrée.

China’s clean energy pledge will open up opportunities for Aussie startups

China, the country with many given titles like the fastest growing economy, the world’s manufacturing hub, the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP and purchasing power parity, its hard to not know about China.

I’m sure you’ve heard about China’s involvement with the push for clean energy and turning the tide for making a change for climate change. China announced last year that they would be investing at least $360 billion renewable energy by 2030.