Australian SMEs need to add WeChat to their marketing mix

Australian SMEs need to add WeChat to their marketing mix

We all know that you can’t do business in China without becoming a master of WeChat and all of its features. However, most businesses are still living in the dark ages by failing to include WeChat in their marketing mix.   

Considered the ‘super app’, it is the largest social media app in the world and has just hit one billion monthly active users. The number of people in Australia using social media is growing.  Around 70% of Australians are active social media users.

ACSME Roundtable August - The China Australia Millennial Project

ACSME Roundtable August - The China Australia Millennial Project

Millennials is a mindset that is not readily understood

  • A more fragmented approach to thinking about millennials is needed

  • The ‘Digital Age’ is already here, this is not the future but the present

  • Organisations do not have enough ambition to digitally connect with Chinese millennials, therefore they may be “leaving money on the table”

  • Social barriers prevent the forming of relationships between Anglo Australians and ethnic Chinese

"Doing Due Diligence on your Chinese Partner” ACSME Roundtable - July 2018

Before going into business with any Chinese partner, customer, investor or supplier you must do your due diligence. You'll be amazed at what you find out if you do it properly!

Due diligence is very important to build relationships with a partner based in China. Dealing with a completely foreign environment loosens your guard because you assume that if something is weird, then it is just that culture, you don’t question things as much.

"Mission to China" ACSME Roundtable - June 2018

This Mission is set up in association with our partner The Guangdong SME Association - with facilitation of the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG).

Qualified and experienced experts in corporate structuring, IP protection, patent registration and local company set up, will join the Mission to provide support on the ground. ACSME will play a hands-on role in the phases of Preparation, Pitch and Follow up.