Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for China

Dandan Cheng, presenting at the ACSME Roundtable, 29 May 2018

Dandan Cheng, presenting at the ACSME Roundtable, 29 May 2018

Guest Speaker: Dandan Cheng

  • COO from Sinorbis (a digital marketing agency based in Sydney)

  • Lives in Shanghai

  • Focuses on cross-border business and trade, especially e-commerce

  • Facilitates international teams and clients to tap into China (build websites, WeChat accounts, SEO optimisation)

  • Sinorbis has mainly B2C clients, including: UNSW, TAFE, Nature’s Way, MOELIS, Sydney Airport, Galaxy, UTS,...

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy for China

China’s Digital Landscape

  • Due to China’s Great Firewall, most Western websites are completely locked out

  • 20% of the world’s Internet population lives in China

  • 40% of the online shopping volume (A$ 940 billion) -> China is the biggest e-commerce market in the world

  • 722 million Internet users -> 35 times more than in Australia

  • 65% Internet penetration rate -> Tremendous potential to grow

  • 98% access the Internet via mobile phone -> China is mobile-centered

Contribution to the Australian Economy

  • Contribution of $7.3 billion in the education sector

  • 1.3 million Chinese tourists

  • 122% increase of the search volume for Australian health supplements

Perception of Australia and Australian Brands

  • Australia itself is a very strong brand

  • Association with blue sky, healthy people and clean air

  • Natural, nutritious, safe

Comparison of the Australian and Chinese Ecosystem


*Each of them has a substantial user base, so don’t just focus on one

-> All different companies to what we use in the West

-> It’s important to adapt to the Chinese ecosystem - from your website being searchable to leveraging it on Social Media; if it is not visible for Chinese, all your efforts are in vain


  • 1.1 billion individual users (772 million in Mainland China)

  • Great majority are Mandarin speakers

  • Users are very active and spend 30% of their time on their mobile (35% spend more than four hours on WeChat)

  • Functions: Wallet & M-commerce, social interaction, location based sharing, communication, games and tickets

  • Number 1 mobile payment platform in China at the moment

  • Also widely adopted in business

Decision Making Journey

  • Awareness

    • Search vertical portals, forums

    • Browse WeChat posts, ads

    • Friends’ referrals

  • Consideration

    • Search and visit official website

    • Follow official Social Media accounts

    • Search and check reviews in portals and search engines

  • Action

    • Transact at official website or send enquiry

  • Advocate

    • Share their experience on Social Media

    • Refer friends

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Dandan’s Recommendations

  1. Be on the digital channels your Chinese consumers use

  2. Build your Chinese website - visible, adaptive, responsive

  • 94% of Australian websites built for China are invisible

  • 98% have poor or no localisation in China

  • 89% are not optimised for Chinese search engines so they can’t be found

  1. Leverage the power of search

  • 90% of Internet users are influenced by search

  • Search terms are usually life necessities and problem solving

  1. Promote your brand on WeChat

  • Link your Official Account to the official website

  • Publish content, acquire followers


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