How Austrade helps SMEs in China

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Due to wide interest amongst ACSME members in Austrade’s China operations, we needed a larger venue for our ACSME Roundtable in March. We therefore partnered with Sydney University to host this event in the beautiful old Quadrangle Building.

ACSME members and guests were given the opportunity to meet and hear from the Asia lead for Austrade, Ms Bing Liu, who shared her insights on the many ways Austrade can help SMEs in China.

In summary, Austrade acts as a ‘bridge’ between Australian SMEs and the China market and provides support in navigating the complex Chinese business environment. The services offered by Austrade are:

  1. Research on your target market(s) including providing advice, introductions and support on the ground from their 11 local offices, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. For a full list of Austrade offices in China, including local addresses and contact details, click here:

  2. Connecting your business to the right customers, suppliers and partners for your products and services

  3. Supporting you through the process of opening and closing a deal, with the Australian Government behind you (can be particularly valuable in China)

  4. Helping you understand and navigate the cross-cultural differences and learn how to conduct business in China from local trade experts.

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Bing also brought our attention to a major event that is a world first. The China International Import Expo which will be held in Shanghai from 5 - 10 November 2018.

Personally endorsed by President Xi Jinping, the Expo will have 150,000 Exhibitors, making it over 7 times bigger than any previous Expo. However, what makes it a real game changer is the total focus on importing, so the exhibitors will be buying FROM you, not selling TO you

As the Expo is not industry specific, it will be a challenge to identify and attract the right buyers and stand out amongst the thousands of other businesses who will be there to sell. But fear not, ACSME and the China Australia Events Association (CAEA) are offering assistance to ensure you find the right customers and get the most out of this incredible opportunity. We will be sharing more information with you about how you can participate and profit from this Expo.

Austrade will also be providing assistance in November and can be contacted by:

Email:         Phone: 13 28 78

The next ACSME Roundtable will be back at our normal venue at 1 Bligh Street and will be on ‘All Things Wechat’ on Monday 23rd April 2018. It’s almost full with just four seats left so register now via this link.

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