All Things WeChat

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Guest Speaker: Dr Matthew McDougall

  • Lived in Beijing for 14 years

  • Social Media agency based in China since 9 years

  • Daigou Sales, automated retail:

  • An advanced WeChat user

“All Things WeChat” event

  • Not a lecture, more a facilitation - Matt inspired a fun and interactive discussion

  • To explain the many functionalities and how they work in business

  • The room was divided into thirds, with an equal number of beginners, intermediate and advanced users

General facts about WeChat

  • 700-900 million monthly WeChat users - compared to only 700 million Chinese Internet users

  • Chinese people don’t respond to their emails but usually answer immediately on WeChat

→ A WeChat account is essential when communicating with the Chinese

Personal account functions

  • Chat:

    • Translate button

    • Reminder button (= alarm to remind you of tasks)

  • Connect with others:

    • Scan QR code: Scan their QR code; they then have to accept your request

    • Friend Radar: Search for people nearby and then easily add them

    • Shake function: Find people by shaking your phones at the same time

→ Mostly used in promotional campaigns (The audience loved this, all shaking away!)

  • Set up a group chat:

    • ACSME April 2018 private group; join by typing in the 4 digit code

    • Mute notifications so you won’t be interrupted by irrelevant messages in the group chat

    • Sticky on top: important people appear at the top - even if they don’t message you

  • Send a Red Packet (红包): Last Chinese New Year: $16 billion transferred this way

→ Used by marketing companies (“Share something and receive RMB 2“)

→ It’s now possible to link foreign credit cards in your Wechat wallet (very new function)

  • Mini Apps → Everything is in WeChat - no need to close it - the Chinese don’t!

    • Mini App was released a few days ago

    • McDonald’s, Mobike, etc. all have their own Apps/programs

  • Moments = personal news feed

  • Search function: Similar to Google Trends; search for competitors or certain topics (in Chinese)

  • WeChat Wallet: In China, you don’t need cash anymore, you can pay via WeChat everywhere

    • Pay for taxis, gas bills, train tickets, etc.

→ Add a Chinese bank card or now a foreign credit card

→ Limited security

→ You have to pay a fee if transferring money of a certain amount

WeChat as a business tool

Account management

  • Types of accounts

    • Service Accounts: App-based experience, WeChat websites, post 4 times a month

    • Subscription Accounts: appears in Subscription folder, post 1 time a day, used by KOLs/bloggers

    • Domestic accounts

    • Overseas accounts: can’t be seen by Mainland Chinese

     → Know your purpose and get an agency to verify you, so you are seen by the Chinese

  • What is required for a Verification by Tencent?

    • Valid passport

    • Account Operator (This person cannot later be changed)

  • Content platform

    • Content creation is critical

    • Know who you are writing for - so know your niche

  • KOLs = Key Opinion Leaders (= online influencers)

    • Create visibility and get followers by sharing your content

    • More influential than influencers on other channels

    • They’re critical to WeChat success

    • Get KOLs through agencies; it’s important to know who they are, why you need them and how to measure the effect

    • WeChat KOLs are much more authentic than Weibo KOLs

    • Get a KOL who’s specialised in your industry (e.g. B2B)

    • Grassroot KOLs on average cost $5,000 per post (absolute minimum is $1,000) + a performance bonus

→ It’s important to keep the balance, don’t focus just on sales (e.g. “buy this house, it’s only $1.5 million”)

  • New trend: WeChat-based sites - like websites but on WeChat

  • You can’t promote Taobao or TMall strategies on WeChat, because of a firewall

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